This is Jessi's Great GrandFather. He was a milkman in New York many years ago.


Lucky Hook Farm has enjoyed a commanding presence in the Dairy Goat culture for more than 37 years.  Beginning with a doe named Skeeter in 1980 that produced milk for our young family. In 1985 the goats became 4-H projects. In the 90's the show goats began traveling the country for national shows. In 2006 after the human kids had left home, we built the dairy. The goat's milk was sold in our home town. As the calls kept coming in for our milk in different areas, we grew to what we are today.

It takes a special dedication to keep milking 365 days a year in the 100+ degree summers and more so in the exceedingly cold winters.  We are always learning new ways to keep the flow going.

In 2011 we became Animal Welfare Approved and Certified. This involves random inspections and new ideas for us. What we found when we signed up was that we were already doing things the way they should be done with our animals.

​In 2015 we bought our pasteurizer and began offering Grade A Pasteurized Goat Milk statewide. Our Pasteurized Goat milk is now available in all PCC stores!

We are always trying to do things better and so it is in 2016. We are now the only Goat Dairy in Washington state that is Certified 100% Grass Fed. What this means is we feed absolutely No grains to our girls. We just can't be certain of the quality of today's grain supply and fear it is all GMO. We don't believe it is healthy to feed this grain to our animals so we have decided not to do it any longer. We believe this will aide in the health of our animals and in turn, our milk.​ If you haven't tried our milk you are in for a treat. If you are already using our milk, we thank you for supporting our small family farm.

  We take great pride in our heritage and history           and are looking forward to our future. 



The Only Certified Grass Fed Goat's Milk in

Washington state .


Grass Fed!



Lucky Hook Farm

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