Kinfolk joined our herd on February 14, 2014. His first kids to be born at the Lucky Hook will arrive July 16. The pictures you see on the left are of him and his dam, Kazaa at various ages.

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SG +*B Hoach's RHRS Kazaa Kinfolk

*B Tempo Aquila Rich Legacy AA1597422

​Sire: SG+*B Redwood Hills Revolution Speed

Dam: GCH Brant's Kazaa 1*M

'Richie' arrived on our farm on Feb. 14, 2014. He has several does to breed yet. His first kids should arrive in July.

I have forever admired his dam as one of the most beautiful does I've yet to see.

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Sire: *B Roeburn's Legacy

Dam: SGCH Tempo Aquila Ricciolini 5*M
LA: 5-06  EX91 EEEE